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these BOOTS were made for walking 👢🚶‍♀️

Now it’s officially winter season, the boots are out! Who doesn’t love a pair of new boots?! I have a few on my wishlist this winter and will definitely be having a browse around for a pair of staple boots to add to my collection. Here’s what I found so far …


Pretty little thing

Hope you take some inspiration…

Thanks for reading 📖

Gem 💎 X

Blouses – wishlist 👚 AW19

Frill organza blouse from Boohoo
Organza tie shirt from Misguided
Mesh embellished bodysuit from ASOS
Corset shirt from Pretty little thing
Frill one shoulder top from ASOS

Satin blouse from Boohoo

Hope this give people some inspo for jeans and a nice top or match these tops with some leather pants…

Thanks for reading.

Gem 💎 x

Travel with me … Corfu 🇬🇷

So me and my partner in crime decided to book a VERY last minute get away and when I menna last minute I mean last minute. We booked it on the Tuesday and flew on the Thursday! How crazy but it worked out in the end.

We stayed in Acharavi in Corfu, which was such a little gem. Full of bars and restaurants, entertainment and a beautiful turquoise sea. So pretty ! We stayed for 4 nights self catering so we could explore the area, Roda was a 15 minute walk just from our hotel along the beach which had more endless bars and restaurants as well. We were spoilt for choice!! Heres an insight into some of the food and drink we enjoyed…

Our short stay actually felt really long as we were there for 5 days and got good flights so wasn’t wasting any tanning time! It was absolutely boiling there- 33 degrees everyday! Sweating but I loved it, especially because the sun had gone away from England 😂!

Most of our time we spent walking, drinking cocktails or sleeping on the beach 😂 in the day of course. We had the most amazing time and great hotel for such a last minute bargain! It was so cheap to eat and drink out; a beer cost €2 and a cocktail around €5! Also any more at tea time didn’t cost anymore than €9 pp. CHEAP!! We loved our short stay and would definitely recommend the area for tourists. Here’s a few snippets of the beach..

Sea beach

Not to forget.. Corfu’s sunsets are Gorgeous! Take a look.. STUNNING

Also here’s a quick insight into my outfits..

Playsuit – Miss selfridge

Shoes – Mispap

Playsuit & shoes – Mispap

Top – Topshop

Shorts & Shoes – Mispap

Sunglasses & bikini – Primark

T shirt – Tkmaxx

Hope you enjoyed travelling with me, thanks for reading!

– 💎 X

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Top 10 Make up/ Beauty Tips

Make up is a real passion of mine. I love matching different looks to the outfit colours I’m wearing or even wearing a minimum make up look for everyday. Here’s a few tips I’ve learnt along the way:



Applying moisturiser on your face before make up application makes such a difference! I swear when I first started out doing make up I never even thought of moisturising before!

It allows for a solid moisturised base which makes the make up especially foundation look flawless and helps avoid cakey-ness


When doing eye make up, applying a primer on your eyelid allows for a smoother and easier blend of eyeshadow. I usually use just a concealer over my eye lid and I definitely think it does the job- no need to buy the expensive tiny bottles of eye primer when you’ve got a concealer!


This is a game changer. Make sure you blend your eyeshadow and then blend a bit more!

Use a transition shade ( 1-2 shades darker than your skin tone) to blend over any harsh shadow lines to create a seamless blend!


Having the best tools for make up doesn’t mean spending a fortune. You can find amazing quality now at drug stores so there’s no need to splurge out to make your make up skills better!

Investing in a good eyeshadow blending brush was the best investment I made; my eyeshadow blends so much easier and It takes me half the time it did when I had a rubbish eyeshadow brush.


Buying a sponge to apply foundation/concealer is a game changer! Honestly since I got myself a sponge my foundation applied and looks so much better & seamless!

No more stroke marks from brushes and you can even use them to apply loose powder to bake or to apply cream highlight! There’s endless uses of a sponge and here’s my favourite:

img_2286Real Techniques miracle complexion sponge.

This sponge is so good and so affordable! Only £5,99 at Boots and they last for sooo long! Definitely an investment.


These are great for more natural looks. An eyelash curler makes your eyelashes go from 0-100 it’s incredible, makes your eyelashes 10X longer and fuller when applying mascara afterwards.

I swear by eyelash curlers and whenever mine have gone missing my make up just isn’t the same! My eyelashes are so much shorter when I don’t use an eyelash curler so I definitely believe everyone should own one!


So I have more on the green side of colour eyes and definitely believe you can use different colour eyeshadow/eye make up to flatter your own colour eyes. For example my green eyes seem to be flattered more when I use browns, reds, golds and green colours on my eyelid!

Experiment with colour! See what suits your eye colour best and it will become your go-to eyeshadow colour!


I’ve found when I exfoliate my lips with a lip scrum my lipstick goes on so much nicer! Forget the days of crusty lips or cracked lips after using a liquid lip stick!

If your like me and constantly get chapped/dry lips then you’ll definitely benefit from a lip scrub! My favourite is by LUSH:

img_2287LUSH -Bubblegum  Lip Scrub

This is definitely worth the money as it lasts for so long and makes your lips feel a million dollars afterwards!


I definitely believe the key to having flawless make up is by using clean tools. Once brushes have been used a few times the make up clogs up and doesn’t allow the brush to blend make up as best as it can do.

This rule applies especially with eyeshadow brushes. Just try it – clean your brushes regularly and you will see an improvement in how easier and how much better your eyeshadow blending will be!


Your lower lashes! To tie a good eyeshadow look together you need to not forget or neglect the lower lash!

Having a good blend of colour on the lid and lower lash allows for a seem less looking eye look and creates a blown out appearance which everyone is craving for!

That’s my top 10 beauty tips! Hope you enjoyed❤️


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5 Top Tips to taking a great Instagram pic 📸

1. Lighting

Lighting is the foundation of a good photo. Understanding how to use light is the first and most important rule of getting great photos using only your phone.

Overcast days are perfect for shooting portraits because the light is even. As a photographer, you always want even lighting on your model and in the background.

2. Use The Rule of Thirds for Portrait Photography

Turn on the gridlines for your camera or smartphone. You’ll have two vertical and two horizontal lines that will help you create more interesting compositions.

3. Don’t Chase Likes

We like when people like our photos. It feels good. And it seems like you are accomplishing something.

But in the scope of things, a “like” on any social media platform means very little. Yes, it can have a positive impact if the post goes viral. But otherwise, most people don’t care how many likes something has.

Instead, when you think about how to take Instagram photos, note which photos are getting comments. Make note of what you’re posting when you’re follower count is going up.

4. Leave Yourself Some Room

If you’re new to photography, then cropping may be your best friend. It allows you to improve the visual composition. Place the focus more effectively where you want it.

5. Don’t Over-Edit

Touch up tools can add a more professional look to photos. You can use filters to create a more consistent look. Editing can be how to take Instagram photos to the next level.

But be careful not to overdo it. Not only is the time waste a huge strain on your marketing budget. Most editing makes very little difference to your followers.

In fact, over-edited pictures can have the opposite effect of seeming fake, inauthentic and focused on the wrong things.

My dream destinations 🌍

Wow where do I start, I want to go everywhere!

I think Mykonos and Santorini are definitely the places to be at the minute. Mainly due to the amount of celebs & company’s shooting there as it’s such a pretty place..

White wash buildings against beautiful blue pools and the sea, just read ‘tranquility’ to me.

The Maldives

I mean. Just look at it, living on a bungalow hut on the sea basically. What more can you ask for ? Just imagine waking up there WOW, I’d feel like I was still sleeping, would definitely have to pinch myself a few times😂!


Now this is a holiday full of luxury, even in the bathrooms of the hotels look AMAZING! I’d love to go here and see the luxury of it, not forgetting the white sands and absolute scorching hot temperatures, sky riser hotels looks picturesque at night when there lit up I mean wow…

I think I’m getting carried away thinking of this one. Snap out of it Gemma 😳

I mean I’ve been to some amazing places & anywhere that’s hot will do me, but I’m allowed to dream and pray one day I’ll be posting pictures of me at these places! ONE DAY…

Gem X

Inspirational Quotes ✏️

When I’m feeling down, disheartened or not motivated I love reaching out and finding inspirational quotes. Reading them just makes you feel like you can conquer the 🌍.

I hope you enjoyed reading these and that it helped give you some motivation to start of your day !


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How to make the perfect Pornstar Martini 🍸🍍

Pornstar Martini Cocktail

In these simple steps you’ll be a professional in Pornstar Martini making!

Things you’ll need:

  • Cocktail shaker/mixer
  • Shaker sieve
  • Passion fruit purée
  • Pineapple juice
  • Sugar Cane Syrup
  • Vodka
  • Vanilla vodka
  • Prosecco
  • Martini glass
  • Passion fruit
  • Measuring shot cup
  1. First step, add 2 shots of passion fruit to the shaker.
  2. Secondly add 2 shots of pineapple juice to the shaker.
  3. Thirdly add 1 shot of normal vodka and 1 shot of vanilla vodka.
  4. Then add 2 shots of Sugar Cane syrup.
  5. Add plenty of ice to the shaker to fill.
  7. Use the sieve to poor out the mixture into a Martini Glass.
  8. Then cut up a passion fruit into halves and place in the glass.

Depending the size of glass this will make around 2-3 cocktails.

Try it and see they are delicious 😋🍍🍸❤️


Fashion – Puff sleeve

My top 3 puff sleeved fashion items …

1. Boohoo £16 Pink Organza Puff sleeve top


Puff sleeve

2. Pretty Little Thing £22 Sage Puff sleeve dress


Puff sleeve ruched

3. Rebellious Fashion – £19 White Puff Sleeve dress



Mispap Clothing Haul 👙

So I recently picked up a few items from Mispap, I mainly needed things for summer everyday or for a holiday I have due in September. I find Mispap a very reliable website which is always up to date with new fashion tends; however a lot of there clothing isn’t actually made by Mispap it’s by other companies which use Mispap to sell there product too. So if your wondering why in some pictures there isn’t a Mispap ticket then that’s why.

Crochet bikini

Let’s get started, first of I choice this colourful and vibrant crochet bikini;

Crochet bikini pastel

The pastel colours of this bikini is a bold bikini that will definitely POP with a sun tan !

Cycle shorts

Next off, I decide to purchase some cycle shorts as they are so in trend and I don’t even own any!

Cycle shorts I picked them in the colour black so they would go with everything! But I will almost definitely be buying more in different colours! There so comfy and versatile, I love them 😍


Now you can never go wrong with a playsuit to just shove on when your in a rush and I desperately needed another one.


This playsuit is almost a satin finish with bright pinks yellow and blues in a gorgeous animal print.

Black denim shorts

So ever since Sarah Ashcroft brought out her new summer range with In The Style I knew I needed some paper bag waste shorts;

Denim shorts black

I chose these in Black as I actually don’t own a pair of black denim shorts so I need them plus they are sooo flattering! They also did them in white and blue but sadly they were out of stock in my size but I will definitely be purchasing them In the future.

Crochet playsuit

So another playsuit, but this is a lot different to any I have got before as it’s black and crochet. This screams festival vibes but I will still wear it here in the U.K. or abroad on a summer night.

Crochet black halter neck playsuit

I think I’d pair this with a black belt and some black espadrilles and rock the all black vibes.

So that’s all I got from Mispap and I love them all. I highly recommend this website especially if your looking for something different or on trend!

Thanks for reading,

– 💎 X

My Travel Bucket List ✏️

I’ve made a list of all the places I want to visit and I will keep updating when I have ticket something off!

  • Dubai
  • Bali
  • Mykonos
  • Santorini
  • Los Angeles
  • California
  • Thailand
  • Maldives
  • Cuba
  • Mexico
  • Sydney
  • Caribbean

What’s on your bucket list ?

– 💎X


Cycle shorts are becoming a big hit in the fashion world especially because the likes of Kim Kardashian and other celebrities are all wearing them.

There’s so many ways to style cycle shorts weather it’s with a baggy t shirt or a matching bandeau crop top. Either way they all are comfortable and easy looks plus cycle shorts are so cheap to buy !

Where to buy I hear you ask…

Pretty Little Thing for £10 in nude:

Misguided for £12 I’m blue:

TopShop for £12 in shiny silver:

Mispap in black for £8:

As you can see these cycle shorts are so affordable ranging from £12-£8! If you haven’t got any I suggest you order as there going to sell out very soon!

Thanks for reading,

– 💎X

My summer shoe collection 👠🌞

So I love summer so why not make the most out of it and buy millions of sandals?! 🤣 So I’m giving you a sneak preview into my not so little shoe collection ( summer style ). I swear I need to get my own shoe closet because I have so many! But I mean come on who really has enough shoes ?! 🤭 Here is my most popular or newest shoes to my collection;


Black espadrilles

  • I got these from Mispap and I am sooo glad I purchased these! They go with absolutely everything. Here’s one way I have wore them;

Ootd black espadrilles


Rust orange wedges

  • So these wedges are an older addition to my collection but they are still going strong. I got these from Next in the sale last summer and they were a STEAL! They are so comfortable and they really flatter my legs with the small ankle strap. I usually pair these with a denim skirt and white crop top or in one case I wore them with this a satin play suit which really complemented them.


Vivienne Westwood sliders

  • So these sliders came along as a present for my 21st Birthday from my boyfriend because we had a holiday booked. Now I’ve never gone for designer shoes because I know they will get recked but to be fair, these sliders are the comfiest and sturdiest ones I’ve ever worn. They are beeeeyond comfortable and well worth the price.
  • You can get them from ASOS !


Yellow espadrilles from Stradivarius

  • So these are very new to my collection and I love them ! I got them from Stradivarius; They are so comfy and easy to walk in I love espadrilles as you can imagine by the amount I own 😂. These yellow ones are definitively a staple piece in my collection and I am so excited to wear them.


Grey suede sandals from new look

  • So these sandals are more of an everyday shoe. They’re casual but because of the suede you can definitely dress them up a bit if you wanted to! I’ve been pairing these with absolutely everything because there grey it just works!
  • I got mine from New Look.

So there’s a quick sneak peek into my shoe collection. I hope you enjoyed being nosey!

Thanks for reading,

– 💎 X

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Crochet is becoming an extremely popular trend for summer by many company’s and fashion influencers. From dresses to bikinis, crochet is everywhere! Here are my top picks for summer;


This orange mini dress is by far my favourite. Orange and crochet look amazing and are both very popular fashion trends at the minute. This dress will definitely be in my suitcase for my next holiday; I’d choose to pair this similar to the model and wear it at night for a nice meal and drinks. It will also look AMAZING with a tan and definitely make your tan POP; especially with a bit of body shimmer ✨

  • Get the look from Mispap for just £20!



This black bikini dress/cover up has been seen on many celebrities such as Kady McDermott. This piece brings the edginess to crochet, paired with a black bikini underneath peeking through; just makes a plain bikini look so much more edgy and stylish!


This pastel crochet bikini is a vibe! Imagine this in the sun with a tan, it would look gorgeous and the colours really complement each other. Pastel is another trend which has been very popular this year so pastel and crochet works as a dream together. This bikini is so unique and a definite staple bikini for your summer wardrobe.

  • Get the look @ Mispap for £25


Now this dress is similar to the black one as in style, this crochet type is so in this season! As modelled by Jess Hunt who is a big instagram blogger which definitely adds to the publicists and popularity of this dress. I’m not normally a big fan of maxi dresses but I love this one it’s so edgy. I love how this dress can be used as cover up for a bikini or place a white swimsuit underneath and some wedges for the evening.



Now this yellow crochet two piece will definitely get heads turning when you walk in a room! It’s so colourful and summery I love it 😍! Yellow is a great colour for summer and bright colours are so in this season. I love how versatile this piece is; wear it down for the day or dress it up with some wedges for the night. This also comes in orange, white and black but my favourite is the yellow 💛.

  • Find this two piece at Mispap for £25.

I love this crochet trend at the minute and definitely will be wearing it on my next trip abroad!

What’s your favourite trend this summer ?

Thanks for reading!

– 💎 X

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So it’s finally summer time and so far we in the U.K. are having the best one we’ve had in years! So my bikinis have come back out as I’m spending most days sunbathing 🌞🌞! I absolutely LOVE bikinis they are my favourite item of clothing to buy! It’s just so addictive so my collection is HUGE. To keep things simple here is my newest additions to my bikini collection;

1. KHAKI DANA BIKINI from Unique Avenue

For £20 this bikini is so versatile I like styling it the way the model has as well as just a bandeau bikini ( by wrapping it round ). I’ve wore this bikini in September and I took it on holiday in May and realised I left the pants at home !!! I was soooo annoyed with myself as it’s one of my favourites.


I fell in love with this bikini as soon as I tried it on! I got it for £20 and it fits perfect! I’ve not wore it on holiday yet but I can’t wait until I can!


– So this swimsuit was £17.99 online and I have wore it on holiday before and I loved it! It flattered me so much the colours and so comfortable to wear. It’s by a collaboration with Sarah Ashcroft and In The Style.com !


This swimsuit is definitely for those who want to hug in that waist! I couldn’t believe it once I tried it on my waist looked 5X skinnier!! How is that possible ?! But it is, it’s comfy as well and the bright red definitely compliments a tan well.

So that’s my recent purchases! Thanks for reading.

– 💎 X

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Fashion Inspo ❤️🎒👠

I absolutely love fashion. Here’s a few statement pieces I am loving at the minute:

Camo Jacket – Top shop

  • This jacket is a must have for everyone! I love love wearing it with either a neon pink/ fuchsia body suit or a bright yellow t-shirt like the model.
  • I think it just makes a simple outfit look edgy and I’ve not had it off since I invested in it!


Neon, Pink , Fuchsia, Bikini , Boohoo
Bright- Pink Bikini, Boohoo
  • I was looking round everywhere to find a really bright bikini in this style & Boohoo was the only place I could find it. I absolutely love it. So bright & makes your tan POP on holiday!
  • By far one of my favourite bikinis so far, just simple but still makes a statement.


Sarah Ashcroft, In the style , Denim Co-Ord
Denim Co-Ord ; In The Style 

  • Now this one is definitely on my wish list! I am in LOVE with double denim at the moment !
  • These paper bag shorts look sooo flattering on any figure I think & with the oversized matched jacket – WOW I definitely need this in my life.


Gucci, Belt, Gold & Black
Gucci Belt

  • I mean I’m not all about designer fashion but a treat now and again can’t harm anyone! This belt can just make a simple outfit look more dressy!
  • I pair it best with denim I think it complements mom jeans or a long denim skirt the best. Just to add the little bit of something..


Desi Perkins, Quay , Sunglasses
Quay Sunglasses – Desi Perkins

  • I am loving these 🕶 atm! Especially the fade from black to purple on the lence which just adds that edgy ness/expensive look to any sunglasses.
  • I think they flatter any face shape as there aviator style & definitely a future staple piece in my sunglass collection!

– I’ll update this when I spot something new!

💎 X

Blonde hair care routine 👩🏼

So I personally am I Natural dark blonde but I have had my hair died light as well as when I go on holiday my hair goes a lot lighter too. Here a few tips and insights in my hair care routine and how I keep my blonde looking fresh!

  1. Purple shampoo – So to wash my hair I sometimes use a purple shampoo. This neutralises my hair and gets rid of them brassy tones I sometimes get especially when I’ve been in the sun! My favourite purple shampoo is PRO:VOKE Touch of silver colour care shampoo as I feel it works the best for my hair. However I do sometimes use Charles Worthington ColourPlex Toning ultra shampoo which is just as good just abit pricier.
  2. Blonde shampoo- Now when my blonde is dulling abit or I’m starting to get roots; I go for a blonde shampoo. My favourite blonde shampoo by far is John Frieda Go Blonder Shampoo as it really brightens my blonde. A cheaper alternative which is near enough as good is Crieghtons Sunshine Blonde shampoo.
  3. Toner- So when my hair is in a desperate need of removing brassiness I go for a purple toner. My favourite is PRO:VOKE Touch of silver Brightening shampoo / toner. This is so cheap and definitely does the job at removing brassiness.
  4. Conditioner- I love a good conditioner to make my hair feel moisturiser and less dry. My go to conditioners are usually blonde conditioners, my favourite is John Frieda go blonder conditioner. This is by far the best for blonde hair as it keeps the ends of my hair looking bright and blonde as well as healthy.
  5. Hair mask- In my spare time I love to wind out and relax apply a face mask and a hair mask. My favourite hair mask at the moment is Ultimate blends coconut milk dry hair mask. This mask leaves my hair looking and feeling a million dollars!
  6. Serum- After I’ve washed my hair, before drying I love applying a serum. Serums make my hair feel a lot smoother and gets rid of any frizziness. My go to serum is the Tressemee Smooth Salon Smooth Serum!
  7. Heat protection- I always apply heat protection before applying heat to my hair. I try to protect my hair as much as I can when using heat; the heat protection spray I’m using at the minute and loving is the TRESemmé heat protection spray.
  8. Heat application- So I generally try and apply heat to my hair as least as I possibly can. I usually try and style my hair whilst wet such as putting it in plaits to curl it or to brush it so it dries as straight as possible.
  9. John Frieda Blonde lightening Spray- So when my hair becomes too grown out and my roots are ridiculous I pick up the John Frieda Sheer Blonde Go blonder lightening spray . This spray is amazing ! I apply it to wet hair where I need to be lighter ( usually roots ) and then apply heat and straight away I can see a difference! My roots go lighter and my blonde is brighter!
  10. Tangle teezers- I swear by Tangle teezer brushes! My hair brushes so much easier and I definitely notice my hair falls out a lot less when brushing. The tangle teezer brushes have special bristles which allow to brush hair knots with less damage to the hair strands. I don’t use any other brush !

So there is my top tips and what I use to maintain my hair! All these work well for me and help my hair yay as healthy as possible!

Thanks for reading!

– 💎 X

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So first of all I bet your thinking whilst reading this.. wow how is her make up is so clean! Think again, I definitely went through a few make up wipes before taking these pictures because I mean who’s make up/bag isn’t filthy ? 🤣

But anyway here’s a sneak peak into what I literally have in my make up bag every day. These products are my GO TO! I swear by every single one of them and I am OBSESSED with them at the minute 😍!

Let’s get started! Here is my make up bag;

Make up bag filled with make up from river island

I got it gifted to me by a friend within a multi pack of bags from River island. This one is a great size and fits in perfectly all the make up I mostly wear or mainly reach for!


A sponge;

Beauty sponge in pink

First off is my main applicator for anything face! A sponge; I got this one from Primark and it is definitely just as good as other more expensive/branded ones I’ve tried! Also it’s lasted a lot longer; the others when I’ve washed them just rip or start to! Where as this is as cheap as chips and lasting forever! I love it!

My face brushes;


Here’s my two top face brushes. There from Real Techniques ! The orange one is named a ‘Setting Brush’ and the pink one is named a ‘Blush Brush’ and I use them for just that! Blush brush I use for blusher  as well as bronzer and the setting brush I use to set my face with powder or to brush away harsh bronzer/blusher.

Eye lash curlers;


So I use eyelash curlers every day! I definitely can’t do my make up without them. They curl my lashes and make them look extra long and fluffy and I can definitely tell a difference when I’ve not used them! I buy them from either a supermarket or a drug store.

My go-to eye brushes..

My go to eyeshadow brushes

In order this is my ZOEVA  227, Sigma E40 and just a plain unbranded flat concealer  brush. I use my ZOEVA and Sigma the most out of my whole brush collection as I think these two are by far the best brushes to blend eyeshadow with! Then I use my flat concealer brush to calve out my eyebrows to make them look EXTRA 🤣.

Brows brows brows…

In my make up bag is two brow products^ which I use on a everyday basis. The brow pencil I go for is by natural collection at Boots In a medium brown colour. The brow gel I typically use is a clear mascara  by COLLECTION at Boots. Both of these products worked together give me a natural looking eyebrow!




This WOW skin by seventeen is my favourite primer as it makes my skin so glowing and healthy looking! I also use this as a cream highlighter which is how I use it most days. To use it as a cream highlighter I apply it to the tops of my cheeks, Cupid’s now and nose! It makes my make up look less powdery and means I don’t need to apply as much powder highlight either!


This collection Lasting perfection concealer is raved about so much by beauty influences on YouTube and it is definitely worth the hype. The best full coverage concealer I’ve ever tried and for only £4.19 it’s amazing! I’ve been through so many of these already and I currently mix two shades to get the perfect colour to match my skin tone.

Translucent powder;

My go to translucent powder is by Natural Collection at Boots. I use this to set my under eyes or where’ve I have applied concealer. It’s a great powder for setting and gives no flash back! What more can I ask for ?!

Bronzer …

The bronzer that is always in my make up bag recently is by St tropez it’s a very shimmery bronzer which I am loving at the minute! It makes me look so much healthier and a lot more tanned which Is more than I can ask for 😍!


My go-to blusher is by Make up Obsession which I found at Boots! At the time I had been looking everywhere I mean everywhere for a peach blusher and it was so hard to find a nice one ! Then I came across this, which I definitely will be re purchasing as it’s a great colour not to glittery and adds that nice healthy rosey  look to my cheeks ! 💕

What do I use to make me GLOWY?

I’ll tell you the answer to my prayers when I asked for an amazing highlight…

BOOM hello glow. It’s the which is by Anastasia Beverley Hills, this is American brand so I buy mine from Beauty Bay.com. This highlighter is by far my favourite highlighter! I typically use the two lighter shade which are AMAZING. They glow to the gods as well as staying on all night & day 😍! Highly recommend this!



This palette is by REVOLUTION found at Superdrug it is the RELOADED iconic division palette. This is always in my make up bag because it has such a unique range of shades I can do sooo many looks with this. Ever since I bought this I have used it none stop and it has definitely pushed away my old favourite eyeshadow palettes!


Maybelline Mascara

My favourite go-to mascara is the Lash Sensational mascara in black by Maybelline. After trying so many cheaper mascaras I still always result back to this, it’s not overly priced but you can get cheaper; however I think this is definitely worth the money. I have re bought this so many time now & I definitely will in the future!


My favourite lip combo…

This is a lip liner by MAC in the colour SPICE and a lipstick bun MAC in peach-stock. I spotted this on someone and asked them what they was wearing on there lip because I loved it; and they told me these two products. I immediately went out to buy it but it was out of stock so I was trying for weeks to find it and finally they came in stock so I just had to ge them! These two products together create a gorgeous nude lip perfect for any skin tone! This is now my signature nude lip and that’s why it’s in my make up bag because I’m always wearing it 😂!

So that’s all I’ve got in my make up bag at the minute! I recommend each and every product I have talked about & I’ll update if anything changes!

Thanks for reading 😇!


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So I have certain skin care routines I try my best to stick to everyday and every night. If your interested in how I maintain and moisturise healthy looking skin then just keep reading…


So the first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is brush my teeth and wash my face with my cucumber face wash from Boots in their Boots essential range; which only costs £1.75 which is an absolute bargain for how good it makes my skin feel! It cleans out my purse and leaves my skin feeling refreshed and ready for make up application

After that I then apply my favourite moisturiser Vaseline Aloe Sooth Lotion for £3.65 and I mix in a few drops of my favourite serum which is a Vitamin C serum from Superdrug for £4.99! Both very affordable and last a long time- highly recommend this combo as it makes my skin look and feel so healthy and glowy!

Thats all I do for my morning routine unless Im being lazy that day I’ll apply a sheet mask or under eye masks 🧖🏼‍♀️!


So firstly at night I take of whatever make up I’ve been wearing with a cotton pad and my Simple Cleansing Lotion which is around £4. I use this to cleanse my skin and remove any make up it definitely does the job! To remove any access oils or dirt I use the matching Simple Facial Toner for £3.49. This toner does amazing skills are taking of dirt and make up you probably think wasn’t even there!

After removing my make up, I wash my face with water and either apply the same moisturiser I use in the day or I use my Aloe Vera gel from Holland and Barret for £5.99 but I usually get it on offer! This gel is amazing for when I’ve been in the sun and even more amazing when I’ve had a bit of a break out. I swear by it! It helps reduce redness of spots and blemishes and helps the to heal as well! By far my favourite and most highly recommended product out of all of my skin care!

To finish of I apply any lip balm or Vaseline on my lips to keep them moisturised and plump for when I wake up in the morning!

I hope this helped for anyone looking for any new skin care products as I swear by all of these!

Thanks for reading!


Instagram – @gemmacorr

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