Travel with me … Corfu πŸ‡¬πŸ‡·

So me and my partner in crime decided to book a VERY last minute get away and when I menna last minute I mean last minute. We booked it on the Tuesday and flew on the Thursday! How crazy but it worked out in the end.

We stayed in Acharavi in Corfu, which was such a little gem. Full of bars and restaurants, entertainment and a beautiful turquoise sea. So pretty ! We stayed for 4 nights self catering so we could explore the area, Roda was a 15 minute walk just from our hotel along the beach which had more endless bars and restaurants as well. We were spoilt for choice!! Heres an insight into some of the food and drink we enjoyed…

Our short stay actually felt really long as we were there for 5 days and got good flights so wasn’t wasting any tanning time! It was absolutely boiling there- 33 degrees everyday! Sweating but I loved it, especially because the sun had gone away from England πŸ˜‚!

Most of our time we spent walking, drinking cocktails or sleeping on the beach πŸ˜‚ in the day of course. We had the most amazing time and great hotel for such a last minute bargain! It was so cheap to eat and drink out; a beer cost €2 and a cocktail around €5! Also any more at tea time didn’t cost anymore than €9 pp. CHEAP!! We loved our short stay and would definitely recommend the area for tourists. Here’s a few snippets of the beach..

Sea beach

Not to forget.. Corfu’s sunsets are Gorgeous! Take a look.. STUNNING

Also here’s a quick insight into my outfits..

Playsuit – Miss selfridge

Shoes – Mispap

Playsuit & shoes – Mispap

Top – Topshop

Shorts & Shoes – Mispap

Sunglasses & bikini – Primark

T shirt – Tkmaxx

Hope you enjoyed travelling with me, thanks for reading!

– πŸ’Ž X

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Mispap Clothing Haul πŸ‘™

So I recently picked up a few items from Mispap, I mainly needed things for summer everyday or for a holiday I have due in September. I find Mispap a very reliable website which is always up to date with new fashion tends; however a lot of there clothing isn’t actually made by Mispap it’s by other companies which use Mispap to sell there product too. So if your wondering why in some pictures there isn’t a Mispap ticket then that’s why.

Crochet bikini

Let’s get started, first of I choice this colourful and vibrant crochet bikini;

Crochet bikini pastel

The pastel colours of this bikini is a bold bikini that will definitely POP with a sun tan !

Cycle shorts

Next off, I decide to purchase some cycle shorts as they are so in trend and I don’t even own any!

Cycle shorts I picked them in the colour black so they would go with everything! But I will almost definitely be buying more in different colours! There so comfy and versatile, I love them 😍


Now you can never go wrong with a playsuit to just shove on when your in a rush and I desperately needed another one.


This playsuit is almost a satin finish with bright pinks yellow and blues in a gorgeous animal print.

Black denim shorts

So ever since Sarah Ashcroft brought out her new summer range with In The Style I knew I needed some paper bag waste shorts;

Denim shorts black

I chose these in Black as I actually don’t own a pair of black denim shorts so I need them plus they are sooo flattering! They also did them in white and blue but sadly they were out of stock in my size but I will definitely be purchasing them In the future.

Crochet playsuit

So another playsuit, but this is a lot different to any I have got before as it’s black and crochet. This screams festival vibes but I will still wear it here in the U.K. or abroad on a summer night.

Crochet black halter neck playsuit

I think I’d pair this with a black belt and some black espadrilles and rock the all black vibes.

So that’s all I got from Mispap and I love them all. I highly recommend this website especially if your looking for something different or on trend!

Thanks for reading,

– πŸ’Ž X

My Travel Bucket List ✏️

I’ve made a list of all the places I want to visit and I will keep updating when I have ticket something off!

  • Dubai
  • Bali
  • Mykonos
  • Santorini
  • Los Angeles
  • California
  • Thailand
  • Maldives
  • Cuba
  • Mexico
  • Sydney
  • Caribbean

What’s on your bucket list ?

– πŸ’ŽX


Cycle shorts are becoming a big hit in the fashion world especially because the likes of Kim Kardashian and other celebrities are all wearing them.

There’s so many ways to style cycle shorts weather it’s with a baggy t shirt or a matching bandeau crop top. Either way they all are comfortable and easy looks plus cycle shorts are so cheap to buy !

Where to buy I hear you ask…

Pretty Little Thing for Β£10 in nude:

Misguided for Β£12 I’m blue:

TopShop for Β£12 in shiny silver:

Mispap in black for Β£8:

As you can see these cycle shorts are so affordable ranging from Β£12-Β£8! If you haven’t got any I suggest you order as there going to sell out very soon!

Thanks for reading,

– πŸ’ŽX

My summer shoe collection πŸ‘ πŸŒž

So I love summer so why not make the most out of it and buy millions of sandals?! 🀣 So I’m giving you a sneak preview into my not so little shoe collection ( summer style ). I swear I need to get my own shoe closet because I have so many! But I mean come on who really has enough shoes ?! 🀭 Here is my most popular or newest shoes to my collection;


Black espadrilles

  • I got these from Mispap and I am sooo glad I purchased these! They go with absolutely everything. Here’s one way I have wore them;

Ootd black espadrilles


Rust orange wedges

  • So these wedges are an older addition to my collection but they are still going strong. I got these from Next in the sale last summer and they were a STEAL! They are so comfortable and they really flatter my legs with the small ankle strap. I usually pair these with a denim skirt and white crop top or in one case I wore them with this a satin play suit which really complemented them.


Vivienne Westwood sliders

  • So these sliders came along as a present for my 21st Birthday from my boyfriend because we had a holiday booked. Now I’ve never gone for designer shoes because I know they will get recked but to be fair, these sliders are the comfiest and sturdiest ones I’ve ever worn. They are beeeeyond comfortable and well worth the price.
  • You can get them from ASOS !


Yellow espadrilles from Stradivarius

  • So these are very new to my collection and I love them ! I got them from Stradivarius; They are so comfy and easy to walk in I love espadrilles as you can imagine by the amount I own πŸ˜‚. These yellow ones are definitively a staple piece in my collection and I am so excited to wear them.


Grey suede sandals from new look

  • So these sandals are more of an everyday shoe. They’re casual but because of the suede you can definitely dress them up a bit if you wanted to! I’ve been pairing these with absolutely everything because there grey it just works!
  • I got mine from New Look.

So there’s a quick sneak peek into my shoe collection. I hope you enjoyed being nosey!

Thanks for reading,

– πŸ’Ž X

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Inspirational Quotes ✏️

When I’m feeling down, disheartened or not motivated I love reaching out and finding inspirational quotes. Reading them just makes you feel like you can conquer the 🌍. Instagram has been a big platform in which people not only post selfies but they post inspirational quotes and there’re so inspiring. Here’s some of my favourite quotes;

I hope you enjoyed reading these and that it helped give you some motivation to start of your day !


Instagram – @gemmacorr

My favourite healthy foods πŸ“πŸ₯’

Eating healthy definitely comes with a price as fast food and fatty foods are so much cheaper than buying fresh fruit; plus they don’t go off as quickly. This definitely needs to change as obesity levels are growing. I know the recent sugar tax can change this slightly but still I believe more healthy foods should be taxed less and have a lower price or the same prices as unhealthy foods.. then people don’t have the excuse of “I can’t afford to eat healthy”.

I enjoy a treat and fast food every now and again but healthy foods can actually be just as tasty as unhealthy foods. Plus they are a lot more filling; allowing for people to snack less as they are getting fuller from the basic meals throughout the day. I’ve put together a few of my favourite healthy food items and some ideas to make tasty snacks/meals..


Avocado, healthy eating

Now I know many people don’t like the taste of avocado, however try it this way: Try squeezing in some lime juice, smashing up the avocado and sprinkling some ground salt and pepper over the top. This way gives a complete different taste to an avocado, try it with some eggs and smoked salmon for breakfast or with chicken on a wrap for dinner. You might surprise yourself.


Smoked salmon and egg

This is by far my favourite breakfast/brunch food. If you love fish you will love smoked salmon. Place on some brown toast with some poached eggs sprinkled with black pepper.. Bellissimo and it is so healthy for you. If your having eggs for breakfast definitely try and conquer how to make a poached egg because it is by far the healthiest way to eat an egg and I personally think it is the nicest way too!



If your feeling peckish and wanting a snack I definitely recommend buying in some hummus. You can get so many different types of hummus now but my favourites are sweet chilli and avocado hummus. YUM πŸ˜‹, I preferably have it with oatmeal pitta breads or with carrots chopped up and dipped in or celery; all are delicious but if your trying to be healthier or loose weight celery/carrots are the best options!


Watermelon fruit


Watermelon is by far my favourite fruit! So yummy and full of goodness. It’s also full of water so great for your body and water intake too. It’s not the cheapest fruit but for a family it definitely goes a long way. Try find the fruit you like best and stock up because that’s the best way to eat healthy – by eating something you enjoy.



By picking your favourite fruits and adding them all together to make a tasty fruit salads is probably one of the healthiest snacks around. You could even try this for your lunch as it can become very filling. A fruit salad can be made into more of a meal by adding some Greek yoghurt with it and to add a special treat, squirt some natural honey glazed over the top; this adds that sweetness to it without being unhealthy. I guarantee it doesn’t even taste healthy for you but it is !



Prawns or any type of fish are good for you. I love a prawn stir fry- a healthy one! Using healthy oils such as coconut oil to cook in and adding some chilli and garlic to some broccoli, green beans, peppers… tastes amazing. You definitely don’t feel like your being healthy eating this because most people think eating healthy means bland food but you can definitely make healthy foods taste great just by adding simple seasonings and tasty meats!


Pexels.coms=”alignnone size-full wp-image-271″ src=”” alt=”Olives” width=”1880″ height=”1253″ /> Photo by Pixabay on [/caption

OLIVES! My favourite snack definitely, although I can only eat the green olives. I’m not sure why but I feel like they’reΒ a lotΒ nicer than the black olives πŸ€”! Some people don’t like olives because of there acquired taste but I absolute love them and I think if you tried them a few times you will defiantly begin to love them too. They are also great for your body and a great healthy snack which can become more a meal or starter if you add some Parma ham or feta cheese.

These are all great snacks for when your health eating and they taste delicious. I hope this helps some people to inspire to cook and eat healthier as it can be just as tasty!

Healthy = Happiness.

Thanks for reading!πŸ’Ž X